Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why are you so quiet?

Well.. I always have something to say. I always do. I do have desire to make people smile, laugh and happy by the way I express my thoughts and feelings.

But somehow that expression seems so disturbing to other people that they tend to stop me half way through. And even worst, start criticizing me. That kind of hatred was so powerful that at one part of life, I started to bow my head down and accept the defeat.

The negativity that flows since decades ago instilled the insecurities within me. I’m no longer capable of believing myself, I've stop being the master of my own thoughts. It’s all just because I’m afraid that my words are going to hurt other people. Hurt people that I care about, dearly.

So just in case, wonder why I am so quiet, it’s because I’m afraid. Yes. Afraid.